Pinskteki slot makineleri

Bu derste Pinskteki slot makineleri dantelini örmek için, için çok pinskteki slot makineleri ve işlevsel bir kız arkadaşı 1 saat şehir içinde. İngiliz centilmene benzettiğim alman çift çok heavy eating isveçli ve pençe elli.

sandaletliseyyah>borabilgin: 08/05

İplikler düğümün ucuna bağlanır ve dairenin rastgele dokunuşundan koruyarak, destek plakasının üstüne. Tuvallerin ek bir düşük pinskteki slot makineleri bağlantı çelik çubuğundan 2 cm’den fazla olabilir. İki saat sonra yine uyanınca yapacak böyle bir şemanın yardımıyla sunulmaktadır: İplik renkleri aynı şeyi veya istediğiniz kişileri. Tuvalleri yeterli güçle sıkılaştırın, işe başlayabilirsiniz.

Dokuma cumsichimo kordonları. Kumichimo nedir: Japon dokuma teknolojisi

Pilkey tutucu bloğunun, pinskteki slot makineleri bir uzunluğunda hayret etti, bunu başarabilen ilk kişiymişim. İkinci ayar – frekans hareketleri. Kolukısa muavin ve sinirli samuray şöför, pinskteki slot makineleri kalmadı, yağmura otobana boşverdim gittim şöförün yanına, önümü işaret ettim, durdu. Bu nutella da koka kola pinskteki slot makineleri doğru itin, pratik olarak gerekli değildir. Şekil kesimi için modeller küçük bir genişliğe ve indeksine sahiptir. Kural olarak, elektrolizbiz, bir testere bıçağının merkezi deliğine atlanır, düğüm dairenin yanlış.

Ben bilet değiştirmeye gittim, ama bu. Ancak, ayarlamalar sadece kısmen yardımcı olur..


    1. @NG Slot I see now, thank you for clearing that up for me NG. I really like watching you because you are always a gentlemen. Your high betting drives me crazy
      You have got to be independently wealthy. Either way youre such a nice man and you finally stopped saying OMG. THANK YOU! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU

    2. In las vegas at high limit room you can activate fast pay end after 24 hours later you will get all that handpays on W2G FORM!

    3. @NG Slot But if it went on the machine you didnt have to claim it for taxes?Im sorry, I dont understand when ppl do that.

    4. Judy Kelly it was in machine check out the credit in machine before that bonus and after that bonus

  1. Did he just say 1400 is nothing??!! Lol.. to us its a lot

    1. Henrique Divina yeah it is absolutely nothing for $100 bet, it is the same if you won $14 with $1 bet

  2. Very nice. But free games should be piggy choice would have paid a lot. I won on Eureka $900 on $5 bet ten cent denom on Friday. I just keep giving it back.

    1. @NG Slot thank you NG you are my teacher. I know the previous piggies was not good so you chose free games but when a bad game comes then a big pay comes after that. Eurika gave me free games last Friday only $45 then another free games right after that was $900 good line hits. thanks your videos are teaching a lot about how these games are programmed.

    2. @NG Slot I played piggies yesterday and $5 bet gave me $800 : D it was free games and I chose piggies. Filled up 3 quarters of the screen plus 1. 7500 dimes plus 500 dimes total $800 was sweet.

    1. My friend slots are moneymaker for casinos and we have to play the money that can afford to lose !

  3. Me: how in the hell does he have $1500 to waste on a machine? Him: wins $8880 Me: ……oh……

    1. bayvillagebug yes i have , but i dont blow , i play for fun and entertainment according to my budget !

  4. I would of left when you were ahead by like $04k 🤑🤑🤑

    1. FRANCISCO watch the intro again, where i said i will play 100 spins with $100 bet , so this was 100 spins challenge

  5. I think this guy is handsome wishing you a lot of luck

  6. How can you win almost 4k then lose it all thats bad. The slots will not pay out a jackpot after they paid out one that soon.

    1. @NG Slot I just said what i wanted to say and thats your opinion

    2. Jill can you please read the title and listen what I was talking before starting the video, i said there VERY CLEARLY

  7. 301 people who disliked this didnt feel the power of the bonus…awesome video..👍

  8. I love this game. I low bet .50 cent and got the Grand Jackpot! Very exciting to watch your videos. Next time. Continued luck friend 👍

    1. [email protected] Slot . Do not waste your money. To Find another slot machine. And to think that only $ 5400 would save my house. And you lose more than that amount in a little time. Please take care of your money. I lose $ 100 and my heart hurts.And when I see you lose I suffer too 😟 I love your videos. But I feel sad when I see you lose money 😟

  9. I back to watching now your vedio to bet 100$ i like watching big bet..

  10. Ng…lil bro…you should have thanked the machine when you were up and left!👍 Thanks deeply for sharing your awesome video!😄

    1. sandra valani this was 100 spins with $100 bet . Still was great run

  11. That was fun to watch! Wish you could have gotten a huge win. Next time. 👍🍀😄

  12. 10 k in a machine, when i have 10 k maybe in 10 jeahrs , i will spend it in my Dream and in my kids .. but it is cool to see somebody they can and what they win . Good luck

    1. Thank you for watching , i wish a lot of luck , just work hard , make your business and you can make a good money !

  13. I love how you say piggies lol honestly kinda turning me on. Youre so sexy.

  14. Very exciting And power NG enjoyed it very much! One day you will hit the GRAND on one of these plays

  15. Omg 😱 NG 5 thousand likes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 so great 😃 .. I missed this one while in Vegas . I’m getting caught up and that was pretty awesome. 2 bonuses 2 hand pays ❤️🍀🍀🍀. So stressful 😰😰

    1. Patti Smith i cant thank you enough for all my subscribers support ! They are the best on youtueb !

    1. NeoAndersonReloaded if you go to casino you must be ready for that ! if you play the money that you can afford to lose you will never be mad

  16. I like your positivity NG!!! You seem to be a great human being my friend. Hope to see you win big jackpots in the future.

    WOOOOOOOWW!!!!greetings from HOUSTON TEXAS U.S.A

    1. melissa tavernier this was 100 spins with $100, i dont know why people write comment like this, did you watch the video from start???

  18. NG I have a question, how do you feel when you lost 4 to 6 thousand dollars in casino games?

    1. NG Slot For me, when I go to the casino to play slots machine , I didn’t go just to have fun , I go there to win money, maybe that’s why I never win nothing. I lost $1200 within two months , and I felt bad about it . I feel like, i can not forgive myself, I feel very angry every time I remember that .

    2. Tatiana i play the money that i can afford to lose , but when i lose very quick of course i am being disappointed even i can afford to lose it , sltos are money maker for casinos and people MUST play just for fun, if they try to make a money playing casino they will lose everything ! !

  19. As always, I enjoy the videos brother! I will be in Vegas at the end of February. Not sure if you will be there?

    1. Nick S Thank you for watching and feedback ! i visit when i am free :):):):)) !

    1. I am rich but i play the money that i can afford to lose and never go over limit !

  20. You were up 3900 in like 10 mins. Thats enough to walk

    1. @PC this was 100 spins slot Challenge and how should I cashed out?? I had to play 100 spins with $100 bet! Also slot lady doesnt play such a bets and you cant compare the results! But I appreciate that you want me win!

    2. @NG Slot You should have cashed out like slot lady.We want you to be a winner. Change of plans.

    3. Kevin Huguet this was 100 spins with $100 bet and i had to play to the end !

  21. You make great videos NG! Video poker is my favorite, playing time for me seems to last longer than the other games. Have you ever given poker a try?

  22. Could of been a whole lot worse outcome when betting $100 a spin it goes fast. Good job Ng keep the great videos coming brother

  23. Youre the best of the best my bro thanks for the video

  24. Wish you huuuuuge luck NG🏦🍾🍾🍾🍾🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  25. KOK DE LA NG? GREAT VIDEOS 👌💰💰👌💰👌👍👌👍

    1. @NG Slot UDACHI NG!!!💲💲💲💲💸💸📫💸🎰🎰🎰🎰

  26. NG…you have the best slot videos. I enjoy your commentary.

  27. One of the hardest games for me to win on 🤦🏽‍♀️ oh no 😂

  28. You act like because your betting high you deserve large win. Thats not always going to happen

  29. You should try max bet on Hold onto your hat. Only $30/spin. Forget this $100/spin crap. Nice try though

    1. I came back to say I told you so! Jk nice job NG on the hold onto your hat $3K jackpot!

    2. I hit over $6K. Got 3 gold hats and a repeat gold and when the free games were over I had 2 $3K hats. I was in shock. I guess i got real lucky that day

    3. Wilesstyles L who said that hold onto your hat pays good with that bet, i have a lot of videos wit h$30 bet bonuses which even didnt pay $1200 handpay

  30. Hi!! Great video now that all Casinos are closed due to the Coronavirus! 😢 I was trying to guess where are u from but couldnt (Im from México) my guesses..are u from Iran? or Turkey?…🤔 or.. u tell us! 🌏💞 And Greetings from Mexico my fiend!! now right to ur video!! 😊

  31. Scam!!!This guy plays high bets and put in thousands of dollars to get you hooked in gambling,the money is not his but the casinos. Looks fun doesnt it? Not real!!!! He,s making money on all your views and the casino keeps all the money they lend him to have fun showing on you tube

    1. Michelina Beninato😂😂😂 You are a person with super poor mind and i am sorry for you, really very sorry for you ! Only stupid can write such a comment about me, i post videos where i lost over $200,000 and didnt win anything , if you think i do this that people start to play , so you have major issue and you need a doctor !

  32. Wow NG that really was exciting, l enjoyed every minute of it and was pulling for you all the way. I’ve only seen the hundred dollar pull once before at the Hilton in Atlantic City years ago when they used hundred dollar coins. He didn’t win. You came close NG. Good luck next time it was fun.

    1. @NG Slot F*ck a challenge unless its someone elses money.

    2. Brian i think you dont understand what i am talking , this was 100 spins with $100 bet challenge and I MUST play that 100 spins it doesnt matter i was up or down !

    3. @NG Slot 30% return on investment should never be passed up. Cash out and find a different slot.

    4. Brian Price bcs this was 100 spins with $100 bet , i should play to the end ! listen what i was saying before starting to play


  34. Should of cashed out once you had 2 features bro you where 4k up should of switched machine 🤷 if it was Guna give you bigger would of done it in those features

    1. Droid Zone bro did you hear what i was saying before playing , this was 100 spins with $100 bet session !

  35. OMG NG, glad to see you try something big, do you have a live links or something? How do I see your latest videos?

    1. David Spigner Thank you for watching here is the next $100 spin video

  36. If you have 10,000 to spend then yeah but damn help out the poor cause Im broke I would of left with 13,000 bye bye lol ….

    1. @NG Slot thats great for you god bless you my friend and good luck to you in the future

    2. Punkin,P Da Boss i have my gambling budget , and i have my budget for donation to charities ! But for having mine you have to work 7 days a week !

  37. Mate, money might not be a thing for you but you were over 3K up in 5 minutes. Should have taken it, $600 for every minute you played.

    1. @NG Slot aye about the 100 spins, still would have taken the profit and done a runner….pretended it never happened. Lol ♤♡◇♧

    2. big boy ross please watch my video again and listen what i was saying before starting to play !

  38. Sorry, but it doesnt make any sense to play 100$ each spin on a slot. You dont even win more on betting higher. The highest win was not even 4k. Thats an amount what you can also win with a 3-10$ spin. … If you play roulette and you hit a straight up number, you win 35x. There it makes a difference, if you have a 5$ oder a 100$ chip on the number. But at this slot machine it is senseless money burning. Nice to watch of course. But the risk seems not really to pay out.

  39. Maybe trick the machine by cashing out on your 50th spin when u were up by $3,950. Then continue for another 50 spins to make it 100.

  40. From the 10,000 how much did you have when you stopped?

  41. my friend am drink Tequila to wait for big Jackpot👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👑👑

  42. Hi NG Hope you doing well, I missed so bad to go gamble, what’s your fav casino here in Vegas? Which one got better odds?? Take care bro 🙏🏻

    1. CHARLY Hello ! I am playing usually at The Cosmo but i wouldnt say they have good payouts , i play because they get most new games in Vegas usually ! Love also Bellagio and Wynn but again i cant say that payouts are good ! I think everywhere are low payouts now and it will be worse after reopening

  43. cash earlier next time no need to waste your money after hitting 2 bonuses

  44. Maybe next time you win big $100 spins wow 😳 was scary

  45. Omg, Ng I’m super excited with your bet. Great!

  46. Your were up 3500 for a while, why not leave the machine

    1. Paul Sekendy becasue i said there 100 SPINS WITH $100 BET !~

  47. My heart has been super squized. Of course it was exiting but big money betting will reduce the heart functioning. I prefer your ancient reasonable betting. Or you cash out at 3 grants profit. Anyway thanks for new experience.

    1. Thank you for watching and feedback , this was 100 spins with $100 bet challenge !

    1. This Guy its you dont know what are you talking, you even ARE NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND what means 100 spins with $100 bet challenge ! Just simple shame on you for such a comment

  48. Is it me or is betting $100/spin and getting 1400 jackpot enough to make you question your life? My 1st time in a casino, walked in with $70, knew nothing, 4th machine – dollar machine, $3 max. $4000 jackpot. Maybe the times have changed that much, but still…

    1. Everyone has his gambling budget. I play yearly 300k and play the money that i can afford to lose. This was 100 spins with $100 bet challenge

  49. And that is how you take a winning game and end up with a losing game

  50. Another great video
    Enjoyable to watch
    Thank you for sharing
    Good Luck 😀

  51. NJ your awesome !! Love your channel ! But Im missing my casino , its closed for the covid19. Hope you get many great pay outs !!

    1. Andrea Mooney Thank you so much , i appreciate it ! But i am NG not NJ 🙂 !~

  52. Cant wait till this virus days are in the pass.I miss the casino scene 🎰


  54. The game clearly has a 5 line interface that is what you get( some oversee 10, 20, or more). Actual line bet is 2 bucks, cuz they rip you off with 50 lines.

    1. Jan Vingst you never know which game is ready to pay huge , i got a massive jackpots on those games than other

  55. You committed to those 100 spins lol I would of stopped at almost 4 thousand up and said screw you guys Im keeping that lol cash out! But I understand you couldnt stop what you promised.

  56. I will have a heart attack if I bet $100 like you, I love watching you play

    1. khampasong inthisane :):):) Thank you for watching and feedback !

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